Jazz in a Sassy Key

Sage all ladies jazz and blues vocal and instrumental ensemble featuring violin, sax, Flute, bass, keys and drums

There comes a time when all the elements of excellence converge under the same domain and produce an incomparable result, never before experienced. SAGE, the all-women’s jazz, blues and contemporary ensemble, has dared to rise to this historic place in music with a sound that transcends time and generation. Part contemporary, part sassy, part nostalgic, these ladies deliver what every music audience is looking for, the best in the art.

SAGE features Lakecia Benjamin on saxophone, Miki Hayama on piano, Kersten Stevens on violin, Miriam Sullivan on bass, Camille Thurman on tenor saxophonist and vocals, and Shirazette Tinnen on drums.

The group and its members have opened for and appeared with Ray Charles, Denzel Washington, Regina Carter, the Duke Ellington Show Choir and many others. This unique group has headlined at one of the major Inaugural Balls honoring President Obama, Major League Baseball All Stars Games 2011 and World Classic in San Diego, The Waldorf Astoria, The Schomburg Center, Stamford Center for the Arts, The Shubert Theater, Chelsea Piers and The Martha’s Vineyard Jazz and Blues Festival.